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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. How do you define total insurable value?
A1. Market price / mutually agreed price between insured and insurer

Q2. How do you divide a policy period?
A2. 3 months / 6 months / one year

Q3. What are the main factors of calculating the insurance rate?
A3. (1) the value of a car
(2) Engine powe

Q4. Can name of the insured be changed?
A4. Yes. It can be changed.

Q5. Is it refundable?
A5. Yes. It is.



Q1. Is there a difference in insured value depends on the age of building?
A1. Yes. There is a difference.

Q2. Can rental properties be insured?
A2. Yes. It can be insured.

Q3. Do you need any documentation while submitting insured value?
A3. You need a reinstatement valuation report of a licensed engineer recognized by government.

Q4. Does it need to consider the surrounding of a building?
A4. Yes. It does.

Q5. Can extra protections be bought as much as I can?
A5. Yes. You can.



Q1. What are the main factors while calculating cash in safe insurance?
A1. The building that money is stored, safety of the surrounding of a safe, security of a safe

Q2. Is there any discount if armed-guards are protecting?
A2. Yes. There is a discount.

Q3. While calculating premium rate, is it same for both government organizations and private organizations?
A3. No. It is not.

Q4. Is it possible to claim compensation due to the damage and loss caused by fire?
A4. No. It cannot be claimed.

Q5. How long does the claim process take?
A5. If you have a full list of required documents, it is a one-stop service.



Q1. Are there any special program when there are armed guards?
A1. When there are armed guards, there is a discount.

Q2. Are there any discount depending on the type of locked safe while carrying money from one place to another?
A2. Yes. There is a discount.

Q3. Is there a difference in premium rate due to the distance of cash transportation?
A3. Yes. There is a difference in premium rate.

Q4. Does the rate vary according to the type of vehicles used in transporting cash in hand from one place to another?
A4. No. The rate does not vary.

Q5. While cash in hand are being carried and in transit from one place to another,is it possible to claim compensation due to the robbery plus other violent and forcible means ?
A5. Yes. It can be claimed.



Q1. How to specify of an insurance money?
A1. Responsible of cashier employee for the service as amount of money that are defined to an insurance money.

Q2. What content that will be an individual insurance integrity?
A2. Defined as guaranteeing the integrity of the cashier employee.

Q3. How to specify at integrity insurance premiums reduced rate?
A3. If you have sending and carry insurance money of your premium is defined as a 20% discount rate.

Q4. When they occur compensation, how to set individual compensation?
A4. The insured amount of money as compensation.

Q5. When eligible for compensation if cashier employee is made counterfeit money?
A5. Eligible for compensation.