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Young Insurance General

It is insured for along the itinerary of Local cargo that is transport from one place to another

Type of Insurance

*Marine Cargo Insurance

*By Steamer Cargo Insurance

*By Coastal Cargo Insurance

*Inland Transit Cargo Insurance

Warranty of Insurance

One voyage policy for whole itinerary

Guard that is not encompass

Partly damage

Damage because of carrying more than limit weight

Rate of Premium

1.Marine Cargo Insurance(T . L . O)

(1)For all-purpose Cargo
Transpotation of By streamer and By Inland 0.14%
By Coastal (Summer) 0.28%
By Coastal (Rainy season) 0.56%
By Brook 0.084%
By Brook(Rainy season is from 15 May to 15 October) 0.112%
(3)Extra guard
War and feature of war 0.10%
Boycott,Riot,Unrest 0.06%
Quayside over day cost 0.56%
(4)For Kerosene,Petrol,Diesel and Gas
By Streamer 0.28%
By Coastal (Summer) 0.42%
By Coastal (Rainy Season) 0.84%

Rate of Premium

2.Inland Transit Cargo Insurance(T . L . O)

(1)For all-purpose Cargo
Whole Itinerary 0.14%
From Kyal Khaung to Musel (105)mile 0.14%
From Border to Border 0.14%
(2)Kerosene, Petrol, Diesel, Gas 0.28%
(3)Fragility materials 0.80%

The benefit that you'll get

Total Loss only(T.L.O)

We undertake for Sue and Labor Charges in order not to happen any damage

Insurance value

You can insured for another 10% on Cargo cost

Needfull document

Proposal Form

Count letter

Vessel or Car's licence copy

Permission of Transporting cargo's licence copy

The list of Cargo's cost

Young Insurance General