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Young Insurance General

Motors that can insured

Owner car, Taxi, various Utility Vehicle

Warranty of Insurance

You can insured from 3 months to 1 year

Purchasing Premium

You have to fully purchase your Premium and you will start to get Guard from the day that you purchase

Money for Insurance

The price that is not more than with the market price

Rate for Premium

We calculate according to the base of Owner car, Taxi, the amount of people from the car and Engine mass(CC)

For the people who insured at least 10 cars and above, as Fleet Discount,they can purchase basic premium by reducing 10%

Extra Guards

The guard for car's front mirror will be 5% (at most 30 lkhs) of car's front mirror value

For Natural disaster,Flooding,wind storm and earthquake  -  0.05% of Insurance cost

For larceny and the missing  -  15% of Basic Premium

For the War and the danger of War  -  0.05%


You will get Insurance for Insurance's car Accident, Prostration, Burns, Burns because of thunder clap, detonation, fall something of a ca, being unscrupulous destroyed and devastation when transport with Waterway and Landway

If there is a third party liability because of Insurance car,it will get 10 lkhs for a person death and for Injure,it will get according to the percentage as a benefit

We will pay for the damage because of accident like (Vehicle,Building,Lamppost,Platform)

[For the following accident,the indemnity will be 500 lkhs]

The cost for taking damage car - 1 Lkhs 

The cost for Court - 2 Lkhs

Basic Guard

We guard you for Boycott, Riot, Unrest and Third Party Liability (Please inform us within 72 hours after accident)

No Claim Bonus

If there is no request for indeminity with 1 year of Insurance,you will get the chance of No Claim Bonus for next years if you keep insured.
Warranty Owner Car Taxi
2nd year 25% 15%
3nd year 30% 20%
4nd year 40% 25%
You will get that benefits only if you purchase within 30 days from the fix duration of your Insurance If a vehicle which has the benefits for requesting money for more than 2 times within 1 year keep insured,it have to pay 15% of premium's charge
Young Insurance General