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Young Insurance General


To get allowances for motorcycle damages due to accidents, loss of people and other person's properties.


Insurance duration

It can be subscribed 1year.
The amount must be agreed between the person insured and person who will accept insurance; and it must not be more than current price.


- Damages of insured motorcycle
- For other person's decease and injuries due to insured motorcycle, 1million MMK at most
- Whole accident for decease and injuries including damages of other person's vehicle, 25millions MMK at most


No Claim Bonus

If no allowance is accepted within first year of insurance, following described percentages will be discounted next years.

2nd year - 15%
3rd year - 20%
4th year - 25%

Young Insurance General

Premium Amount

It is terms from table according to insurance amount.



- Unintentional bumping
- Unintentional crushes
- Vehicle burning
- Injuries on other person
- Boycott, riots and incident
- Natural disaster
- War and near-war conditions
- Thefts