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Young Insurance General

Types of Cash Insurance

Cash in Safe Insurance

Cash in Transit Insurance

Fidelity Insurance

Cash in Safe Insurance

Can help the businesses to protect against loss of money which is kept in the safe at own premises due to theft or robbery.

Insurance Period

The term of the policy will be from 1 day to 1 year.

Premium Rating

0.5% on sum insured for Government department and government organization.

0.2% on sum insured for private bank.

1% on sum insured for other private organizations and co-operative society.


Necessary Facts While Insuring

Have to fill the Proposal Form.

Have to submit Update bank statement and daily transaction record.

Adjacent of the building

Total sum insured

Young Insurance General
Young Insurance General

Necessary Facts to Claim

Information letter to Young Insurance immediately.

Recommendation letter by Police and authorized regional organization to recommend about burglary.

Inspection by authorized person from Young Insurance.

Daily transaction record before causing losses.

Amount or value in the safe box before transit.

Inspection Report by respective department.