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This policy provides the coverage for transporting domestic goods from one destination to another (one voyage policy).

Fire or explosion Overturning or derailment of land conveyance Collision or contact of conveyance with any external object This policy provides coverage for Total Loss of Goods only and the insured can obtain compensation up to the amount of sum insured for total loss of goods during transportation
Cargo Owners Commercial Businessmen Distributors Buyers and Sellers engaged in local trade or Agents
Insurance Value
Can insure additional 10% on the actual value of goods.
Insurance Period
Insurance Period is from one destination to another (one voyage policy).
For general Cargo
River and Inland transit – 0.14% Coastal For Summer Time – 0.28% For Rainy Time (From 15th May to 15th Oct) – 0.56%
Petroleum, Petrol, Gas and Diesel
River and Inland transit –  28% Coastal For Summer Time – 0.42% For Rainy Time  (From 15th May to 15th Oct) – 0.84%